Front Load Washer Information

Front Load Washer Information

Front Load Washer Information

Front load washers have only recently been introduced to the USA, front load washer s have been in use in Europe for many years, they are also the main choice in commercial environments such as hospitals or Laundromats.  Front load washers use a tumble action with the clothes beating against themselves and the drum for cleaning; this is very different to the old style top load machine you so often see.  They are far more efficient in that they use less water and electricity to clean your clothes although they often require a longer cycle time to clean correctly.

By far the biggest money saving feature of any front load washer is the much higher spin speeds which leave clothing virtually dry and in turn this cuts your drying bill in half.  There is virtually no difference in a 20 year old electric dryer or a brand new $1000 machine, as said the benefit comes from the washer final spin speed and not from the dryer.

Front Load Washer Error Code Information

Most front load washers have a digital display, when the washer computer detects an error it will often be shown as an error code in the display, inside the original washer manual should be a washer or dryer tech sheet which can often explain the front load washer or dryer error code, sometimes simple remedies can clear an error code and restore your washer or dryer back to normal working condition.

Front Load Washer Detergent Information

Front load washer are designed to use HE detergent and using the incorrect detergent or too much can cause a suds lock condition on front load washers, this means the machine is mistaking soap suds for water and trying to pump bubbles, after a set amount of time the washer will time out and flash an error code, in some cases this can cause serious problems and computer control board failures which are expensive to repair on any front load washer.

Placing Washing Machines

Front load washers are best if placed on a sturdy surface like concrete, placing them on wooden floors can cause vibrations, If you live in a trailer or manufactured home ensure the floor is very sound before buying a front load washer for your home.

Front Load Washer Maintenance

Periodically clean your front load washer using a product such as AFRESH, this clean and disinfects the washer and virtually eliminates and odor or mildew on front load washers.

If your front load washer has a removable drain screen make sure to check and clean it every month, this reduces the likelihood your front load washer being blocked or of the pump burning out.

Use a wash bag for all small items, baby garments, thongs, brassier wire can disable a front load washer.

Front load washer are different and you will need to learn how to use them correctly, rather than washing the same colors together you should also wash the same kinds of fabrics together as well, always wash denim with denim or towels with towels, the will help to ensure the washer stays balanced during the spin cycle.

There are lots of things you can do to keep your front load washer running like new and to keep the repair man away.

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