Proper Care of Stainless Steel Kitchen and Laundry Appliances

Proper Care of Stainless Steel Kitchen and Laundry AppliancesHernando Appliance Repair, Pasco County Appliance Repair, Spring Hill Washing Machine Service, ApplianceQuest Appliance Service and Repair, New Port Richey Refrigerator Repair Service

Properly cared for, stainless steel typically does not rust.

Use of harsh cleaning chemicals may remove the protective oxide layer allowing oxygen, moisture or other corrosives to begin the deterioration process of rusting. Only cleaners recommended for stainless steel should be used for cleaning appliances and these should be thoroughly rinsed off the unit.

A mild dish-washing soap and warm water may be used. After washing, rinse with warm water and DRY thoroughly with a soft towel.

Damage such as scratches or dents that cut below the surface of an appliance may rust if left exposed.

Other metal products (pots, pans, eating utensils, etc) that come in contact with stainless steel, may mar the surface enough to allow spots of rust to develop. Stainless steel may become rust-stained if allowed to come in contact with items that already have rust.

NOT RECOMMENDED: chemical cleaners containing ammonia, bleach, disinfectants.

NOT RECOMMENDED: a harsh, stiff brush or steel wool.

Do NOT use MURIATIC ACID on brickwork or floors when appliances are stainless. Fumes (possibly even from as far away as the garage) may rust all the stainless appliances in a house.

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