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Noisy Dryer

Noisy Dryer There are several things that can cause a dryer to be noisy. There are a lot of moving parts in a dryer that can cause noises to occur when they get worn. Several parts support the drum, and may make noise or vibrations when worn out. Many times a dryer will squeak just […]

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Why dryer drum does not tumble

Why dryer drum does not tumble There are a few things answering Why dryer drum does not tumble, the belt being broken or slipping badly, the motor being seized, or worn support parts. Dryers have a belt that turns the drum.

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Magic Chef Appliances

Magic Chef Appliances Magic Chef Appliances are becoming more and more popular and fortunately ApplianceQuest fixes them we are your friendly and reliable Subzero appliance repair company. We specialize in all aspects of Magic Chef Appliance repair and service. Our technicians are ready to serve you whether you need repairs in your home or in […]

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